Installing Zoneminder on Debian 10 (LXC)

I installed Zoneminder again recently on Debian 10 to offload its CPU workload to another server. My previous install was FreeBSD on iocage but I felt it would be too much work to get iocage going on a new VM so I opted for an LXC.

I installed this system on Debian 10 LXC but this should work for any stock Debian install.

I followed this install generally but had to fix a few things. For more details head over to the Zoneminder fourms.

Gain access to the terminal, and update + grab dependencies.

root@host:~# pct enter <vid>
root@Zoneminer:~# apt update && apt upgrade
root@Zoneminer:~# apt install apache2 mariadb-server php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql

Secure mariadb

# mysql_secure_installation

Then add the repo, edit /etc/apt/sources.list (you can use nano) and add

# deb buster/

to the bottom.

Then install and retrieve the key.

# apt install apt-transport-https gnupg
# wget -O - | apt-key add -
# sudo apt update

Now you can install zoneminder

# apt install zoneminder

Enable and start the service. At this stage i also had to make a modification to /lib/systemd/system/zoneminder.service edit the file and uncomment User=www-data.

# systemctl enable zoneminder.service
# systemctl start zoneminder 

Possibly not necessary but i ran systemctl enable mariadb anyway, just in case systemd messed up.

Enable Apache modules

# a2enmod cgi
# a2enmod zoneminder
# a2enmod rewrite

And reload apache

# service apache2 reload

Now just remember to set your timezone in settings and you should be all set! access zoneminder at `http:/<ip>/zm/`

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